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More About How To Get Hired

Yesterday I talked about my brilliant young mentor, an aspiring accountant, who aced an interview with the goal to get hired as an intern next summer. It was a great experience, all the way around, for Ruta, the interviewers, and me.

Takes More Than A Firm Handshake To Get Hired

Smile, Firm Handshake Set The Tone

Have you ever had the experience of starting off meeting people well enough, then having your job hopes dashed during the interview?

Preparation is more than a confident smile and a firm handshake. Even more than researching the company and having an interesting conversation. Much more, according to Dr. Paul Green, author of Get Hired!

In his book, Dr. Green outlines ways to ace the interview and get hired. Two of his winning strategies are shared here for you.

Create Skill-Benefit Statements To Get Hired

If you want to get hired, focus on specific, tangible skills that you have to offer the company, from day one. Dr. Green says, “Tell the interviewer what you can do so that the company will be able to succeed.”

Each skill-benefit statement is clear and simple, and allows the interviewer to see how you will be productive immediately. An example is, “I can communicate confidently so I will be able to represent the company easily, as an expert, at any networking event — such as the Chamber of Commerce or Business Network International.”

Dr. Green recommends preparing and practicing at least 20 such statements written with your specific skill sets, so they can be delivered naturally, conversationally. Not only will the conversation flow smoothly, you will get hired!

Share Skill Stories To Get Hired

For the 40% of hiring companies that use behavioral interviewing questions, be prepared with S.H.A.R.E. stories to get hired. The acronym stands for Situation, Hindrance, Action, Results, and Evaluate.  In his book, Dr. Green recommends that you share examples that demonstrate how you used specific skills, and he provides a fool-proof template for how to easily develop your stories.

Next, practice until the stories flow naturally, confidently.  And yes, the ability to communicate confidently will help you get hired.

The best advice I can offer to anyone seeking a job is to read Paul Green’s book, Get Hired!  Both my protege and I have copies so we can practice, practice, practice.  The goal?  Be prepared, practice for confidence, then see her get hired as an accounting intern for Summer 2012.

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