Are You Living a Balanced Life Today?

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"Balanced Life" Tool

"Balanced Life" Tool

When you hear the phrase ‘balanced life’ do you say, “Yes, I’ve got it!”

Or do you laugh and wonder how in the world you find this elusive place called living a “balanced life”?

Every working person I know is juggling job demands with personal care concerns, based on conversations I hear every day.

Challenges to Living a Balanced Life

“My mother just broke her hip and she’s on her way to the hospital by ambulance.  I can’t locate my wife on her cell phone, and I chair a committee meeting in 15 minutes.”

Chances are the executive’s wife was in the midst of a mid-year employee performance review herself — or taking one of their kids to an after-school activity.

Whether you have children at home, your juggling is increased with the blessing of with aging parents, or you are hunting for a job is this challenging market, be assured you can find a way to find inner peace in the midst of it all.

Wanting a Balanced Life

When my marriage of 13 years ended, I became aware of how seriously out of sync my life balance had become.  Dazed and devastated, my ‘aha moment’ was accepting that I had to work on myself before I could begin to make sense of anything else.  I really dug in and took every personal development course I could find, yearning to live a balanced life.

Interestingly, this quest for living a balanced life launched my speaking career, and that topic, “Living a Balanced Life,” was the most requested in my personal empowerment series.

Don’t we always get to teach what we need to learn or master?  Teaching what I was learning to live helped me to become stronger and more accountable, while encouraging others, who also wanted to live a balanced life.

Having survived the best and worst of marriage, divorce, step-parenting, business ownership, financial betrayal and setbacks, death of my dad, finding my own mission and purpose, I can attest that living a balanced life — despite challenges — is possible.

Five Steps: From Broken to Balanced Life

Here are five steps I took to move from a broken life to balanced life:

• Claimed my personal responsibility for creating a balanced life and a healthy future.  I began with an honest personal inventory, eliminated “blaming” language, and any attitude of being a victim.

• Sought help to understand what was healthy for me and developed an action plan to start living a balanced life — physically, mentally, spiritually, romantically, playfully, financially, and in personal, family, and community relationships.

• Focused on specific areas, with written goals that I supported with daily affirmations, including “I am responsible!”

• Celebrated when I reached a goal, which reinforced my own positive changes and encouraged me to move ahead.

• Committed to help others find their way to a purpose-filled life, beginning with the personal integrity necessary to actually live a balanced life.  Today, Living a Balanced Life is one of the first three modules in my seminar, “Living on Purpose: Tools for building the life you really want.”

This last step — commitment  — is realized in writing for you.

Today, I am blessed with a successful, healthy marriage, with a true partner in our joint quest to live a balanced life.  Amazing.

In the days ahead, I’ll share more stories of people that support our mutual desire to live a balanced life.

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