Are You Living By Default, or Living on Purpose?

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Living on Purpose: Communications

Living on Purpose?

Living On Purpose

Recently, several people asked when I would offer my “Living on Purpose” seminar again in a live format.  Since it’s one of the things I would do even without pay, I seized the opportunity.  You might say that teaching “Living on Purpose” helps me to stay on track, to continue living on purpose myself!
Today I say that the “mistakes” in my life were “high-growth learning opportunities.” Truth is, I lived most of my life by default, just going along for the ride. It took many years to learn the concept of “living on purpose,” and now I’m happy to share what I learned.

Living On Purpose

Begins With Truth-Telling

The first module of “Living on Purpose” is a compression of my book, Integrity-Based Communications, based on six simple behaviors.   The willingness to take risks, be vulnerable, admit that we need help, can be scary.  Yet self honesty is the beginning, the first authentic step to living on purpose.

Living on Purpose Continues With Values Clarification

Because I never attended a seminar like “Living on Purpose” when I was growing up, I never questioned what was important to me, much less to my friends or partners. Until I survived a marriage failure, I never attended a seminar on asking questions — much less listening for the unstated question behind the answer!  Is that clear?  It wasn’t to me.  I needed help!
“Living on Purpose” includes a module on identifying and ranking top values, and what they mean to you, personally.  My answers may not necessarily be the same as yours.  When that happens, we are separated by misunderstanding what each of us means when we use the same words.  No wonder this can be difficult!

Living a Balanced Life, On Purpose

Module number three of “Living on Purpose” takes a look at life balance, based on nine domains.  Introspection and honest self-assessment leads to naming one small step in each life domain that can get us closer to where we want to be.  It is goal setting, a la living on purpose.
And that’s just the first of four half-days — 12 modules — that comprise the seminar “Living on Purpose.”  Some people say it’s a great alternative to marriage counseling.  I say it’s the best thing to do if you’re in a state of confusion, transition, or just want to re-charge and re-energize yourself.  For your relationship with yourself or another.
No wonder I love teaching “Living on Purpose” — it helps my husband and me to keep living on purpose!

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