Building Relationships With Integrity

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Building Relationships With Integrity

In every area of your life, you have many opportunities for building relationships. If the relationships you have are producing exactly the results you want – be it love, financial reward, respect, and everything else you really want – don’t bother to read any further.

On the other hand, if you believe that clarity and better outcomes are both desirable and possible, read further…

Building Relationships in Business

building relationships

Building Relationships, Entrepreneurs Creating Jobs

In business situations, personal experience with this communication model includes:

  • Increased understanding and mutual respect, which has resulted in higher levels of trust;
  • Getting a project done right the first time, which has resulted in more pleasure and satisfaction for individuals, and among teammates, by achieving higher levels of perfor-mance;
  • Knowing people more deeply and authentically, which results in giving others the benefit of the doubt instead of questioning their ability or their willingness to pull their weight.

Furthermore, consistently practicing these six behaviors has produced more authentic friendships and positive exchanges with winning results for all parties, higher levels of energy and lots less     stress!

Building Relationships A With Family

In personal relationships with friends and family, the results have included the ability to talk about virtually everything – even those controversial topics like sex, politics and money – without bitter exchanges or arguing, much less losing a battle!  The ease of discussing even religious and cultural differences becomes an opportunity to exchange ideas and learn from one another.

Ultimately, this sort of open and honest dialogue can create a place of safety and trust, where “making meaning” of words can go beyond previously assumed, conditioned ways of being misunderstood.  Taking personal risks, going deeper in discussing our goals, dreams, and passions, can help each of us discover that we are more alike one another than different, at the core of our values. In the next section, we’ll discuss building relationships using the six behaviors.

Building Relationships With the Six Behaviors

For simplicity, here are the six behaviors of Integrity-Based Communications:

  • IBC-1:    Tell your truth quicker, faster.
  • IBC-2:    Ask for what you want.
  • IBC-3:    Ask questions.
  • IBC-4     Pay attention to the answers.
  • IBC-5:    Keep/cover your agreements.
  • IBC-6:    Be accountable for the consequences of your choices and actions.

Simple?  Yes.  Easy? Not necessarily, but it is your choice.  I challenge you to see if this method of communicating helps you get what you really want, while helping others get what they really want!

This model of communicating, used consistently, will help build better relationships that are both enduring and more meaningful.

What will you do next?  Please take some time to test and apply the six simple behaviors of Integrity-Based Communications for 21 days, consistently, and let me know the results.

Shelley Page Baur is the author of book/CD Integrity-Based Communications and presenter of On-Purpose Seminars through her company, One Source Associates.
For a free download of the first two chapters of Integrity-Based Communication, visit her website and click on the book icon. Start building relationships with integrity today.

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