Earning Expert Status

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Whether you are a professional building a practice or an entrepreneur building a business, earning expert status is mandatory for building a true value proposition.

Earning Expert Status Is Critical

Earn expert status: write a book

Information products earn you expert status

You have earned the right to offer your products and services in some niche. Getting known for your expert status will draw clients to you like a magnet. Your ideal client has a particular challenge. What is the unique solution that you offer to solve their problem? Therein lies the key for establishing and promoting your expert status.

Your expert status may be earned by writing articles that become a book, recording an interview, or having one of your presentations video recorded so the content can be re-purposed in all three formats. Record and re-purpose everything, advises my colleague William Bell in his workshop “Walking Your Talk To The Bank.”

Establish Your Expert Status, Enhance Your Credibility

How many people have written a book? If you have competitors in your niche, and you are the only one who has written a book, you have done more than your competition to establish your expert status.

Assuming that you and your competitors have equally competent and compelling presentation skills, who is more likely to be booked for a professional conference keynote speaker? More than likely, the expert who has written a book on their topic of expertise.

Thirty Days To Expert Status

With discipline, you can write a book in 30 days to establish your expert status, enhance your credibility, and eclipse your competition.

Many a well-known thought leader began to build their reputation by speaking for free, then selling their books at the back of the room, In fact, one of the most famous, Dr. Wayne Dyer, supposedly sold books out of the trunk of his car! People wanted to take him home because his message was compelling, and information was both revolutionary and relevant.

In his early days, Dr. Dyer was earning his expert status until he became known as a genius in his field. His books, audios, videos helped him become a dominant force. Likewise, your information is relevant and revolutionary to your ideal client.

Your Expert Status Will Generate More Income

The mere fact that you have a book, or other information products, enhances your credibility, and establishes your expert status. Your audience will want more information than you can fit into a keynote speech, and the sale of your information products may actually generate income than your speaking fee, if you presently charge. If not, it’s time to seriously consider taking the next step.

For more information about how you can create information products to establish your expert status, enhance your credibility, and create additional revenue, please leave us a comment, or ask questions here, and we’ll continue the conversation.

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