Favorite Things in 2012?

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Still savoring a sweet Mother’s Day, my favorite things are richer and even more treasured this year.  How so?  Favorite things, content are much the same; context is oh-so different.

Church, Family, Food Top Favorite Things

Alakskan Cruise 2010 was another of our favorite things

Marion and Shelley toast favorite things

Mom, John and I enjoyed attending church together for the first time in weeks.  Our “adopted daughter” Ruta joined us for a yummy Mother’s Day lunch. Since the day’s focus was on Mom and her favorite things, John fixed lamb chops, medium rare, cooked on the grill.  Nothing new there, but hubby John jazzed it up with fresh broccoli and a wild rice/quinoa medley simmered in fresh chicken stock, and Baur Rosemary bread just out of the oven.

How do you finish that?  With lemon sorbet and fresh raspberries (another of Mom’s favorite things).

Church, family, and great food created the day’s favorite things for all three of us.

Favorite Things Include Good Health, Great Attitude

The past 60 days have included a near death experience for Mom: hospitalization twice, three weeks in rehab, and a happy return to her home at Carriage Court just last week.

Sometimes John and I take our own excellent health for granted, and having Mom back to her happy, spunky self is a blessing beyond belief.  Her return to good health is definitely included among our favorite things this year!
Did I mention that we played a game of competitive SCRABBLE after lunch?  Sans John, who preferred clean-up to competition. Mom’s favorite things include beating anyone at SCRABBLE.  Gotta love that winning attitude.  Keep it up, Mom!

Great Friends, Flowers Are Favorite Things, Too

No doubt, part of Mom’s recovery included cards and calls from friends, some showing up with another of her favorite things — FLOWERS!  We made sure that magnolia blossoms and a crystal vase filled with Easter lilies from our yard were gloriously displayed at her Mother’s Day luncheon. Mom sure taught me how to enjoy her favorite things, and we both know how to “ask for what we want.”  We never run out of fresh flowers!

The folks at rehab said Mom’s “Can Do” Spirit was amazing.  She participated in everything — even when she didn’t prefer a particular activity — and encouraged others to “get involved, stay active.”  Mom was invited to come back as a lunch guest because she brings such positive energy with her, lighting up any space with her smile.  Anna said, “I wish all of our patients were just like your mother.”
As Mom ages, she’s losing some of her best friends, but makes a conscious, concerted effort to meet and cherish new ones.  Like Mom, special friends are among our favorite things.  In fact, they make life worthwhile.

Ruta — far away from her home.  Mom — just coming back to her home.  John and me — always happy to open our home.  What a sweet day, with sweet ways for three generations to share their favorite things — together.

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