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February 21, I was reading about good news in Memphis.  Forty-four companies had already  become members of the Greater Memphis Chamber’s new Chairman’s Circle, committed to moving the area’s economic development initiative from local government to Chamber leadership. While acknowledging that local government funding and leadership are necessary, the bigger story was trumpeting that business leaders must step up to lead and drive job creation.  Thanks to The Commercial Appeal for reporting that good news in Memphis.

Chamber Initiative: Good News In Memphis

With a goal of 100 members in the Chairman’s Circle, paying $25,000 each per year, the $2.5 million annual fund will enable the Chamber to drive job growth more effectively than local government can, while weaning itself from local government funding.

Jim Clifton share Good News in Memphis

Jim Clifton: Good News In Memphis

According to keynoter Jim Clifton, chairman and CEO of Gallup, the nation’s best known opinion taker, the leading desire of people across the world is a good job — not world peace or religious freedom — which he discussed as a major societal shift in his best-selling book, “The Coming Jobs War.”

Good News In Memphis: Entrepreneurial Push

At the Chamber’s new Job Fuel Conference on February 20, Clifton challenged the 300 business leaders to begin properly, saying, “Define a valid premise for action…so Memphis can continue to grow…(and) be one of the best cities in the world.”

Clifton stated that entrepreneurs are the largest jobs creators, and Memphis business leaders must “do better at identifying young people who have an entrepreneurial spirit…(then provide) mentors, internships and other encouragement,” adding, “This is one of the most important things the new Chairman’s Circle can do.”

Duncan Williams Envisions More Good News In Memphis

Duncan Williams, co-captain of the new Chairman’s Circle and head of the investment firm bearing his name, offered his own version of future good news in Memphis, saying, “It’s now our time to take the front stage…to push the city where it needs to be.”

Congratulations to the Greater Memphis Chamber for its bold and promising initiative, and for Chairman’s Circle members who have stepped up to the challenge. In the coming weeks I’ll share more good news in Memphis from business and thought leaders, starting with Steven Levy of Levy Commercial Realty LLC.

If you have your own thoughts to share about good news in Memphis, please let me hear from you.  It’s about time we shared every bit of good news in Memphis we can, from dreaming new dreams, to job creation, to entrepreneurial success.

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