How Can You Be So Positive?

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Elaine, one of my purely positive friends

Elaine Enis is looking for positive transformation stories

How Can You Be So Positive?

Recalling times early in my career when two separate people asked, “How can you be so positive?” I was puzzled.  “I have always been that way,” I answered internally.

But the way they each posed the same question seemed to challenge me, question my authenticity as positive person.

Since the Law of Attraction is as irrefutable as the Law of Gravity, it should come as no surprise that one of my closest friends is a smart, perky, positive person.  Elaine Enis is also starting an ambitious project: writing a book called God’s Lemon-Aide, subtitled, When God takes life’s lemons and makes lemon-aide.  Seems like a clever way of saying a “negative” has been transformed into “positive” with God’s help.

Positive Stories From Negative Circumstances

Elaine is collecting real life stories from around the world that reveal God’s omnipotent power to transform (what we judge as) negative events into positive outcomes.  Elaine has learned that it is possible to be a positive person — on purpose, intentionally.  Because of that, she knows there are other uplifting, positive people, who have plugged into the Ultimate Transformer.

Acknowledging myself to be one of those positive, on-purpose people, I agreed to submit my story.  Now married to the perfect man (for me), I have been sipping a lot of God’s lemon-aide over the past 11 years, but I didn’t always feel that way.

When my ex-husband asked for a divorce in 1991, it was not a positive moment.  Nor were the following months filled with positive outcomes.  Actually, I came face to face with the fact that I had been living a lie, without being consciously aware of it.   As the divorce dragged on, it got ugly.  So ugly that it was hard to remember anything positive about 13 years of marriage.

I began an intense, introspective time in my life to find out who I really was and what I really wanted. With the help of personal development gurus, seminars, and lots of prayer, I rediscovered the positive person who had disappeared in that marriage.

Turning My Negatives Into  a Huge Positive

By 1994, in Brian Tracy’s seminar, “The Phoenix Seminar for Maximum Achievement,” I was asked an important question, “What would you do if you knew you could not fail?” The answer I wrote was, “Write a book that would make a positive difference in people’s lives.”  I stared at the answer, totally clueless about what it meant or where it came from.  But “beginning with the end in mind” shifted me into looking for the meaning to my answer.

What Were My Lemons?

* Divorce, challenging my self-image as a positive, successful human being.

* Financial challenges, following my ex-husband’s promise, “I don’t want to destroy you but I will.”  How did I miss this part of his personality?

What Was God’s Lemon-Aide?

* I survived and thrived, thanks to many positive people, multiple angelic influences.

* Numerous experts, who posed important questions and helped me dig deeply to find my own truthful answers, and my own authentic voice.

* Bonnie Taylor, one of the most purely positive, angel-friends in my life.  She guided me to find who Shelley is, what my values are, and what my life mission and purpose are.  Because of that clarity, a radical shift in consciousness helped me see how to get out of my own way and live on purpose.

* I met and married my husband, John the following year. I finally understood that it really is possible to be married to one’s best friend, because I experience it every day.

* Inspired by the five points of personal power I first encountered in “Life Design Seminars,” by 2004 I had written and and recorded my book, Integrity-Based Communications Using truth to get what you really want.  The values discussed in the book/CD shape the six positive, proactive behaviors based on the Truth I have now live and teach.  I discovered that Truth did set me free, indeed. 

* Integrity-Based Communications has become the foundation of everything I do, and the first module of my “Living on Purpose” seminar.

Chances are, none of this would have happened if I were still married to that ex-husband.  On the other hand, my being humbled by circumstances may have been the only way God could get my attention, and help me turn what seemed “negative” into something “positive.”

I’ve come a long way from feeling that I was born a positive person, to questioning who I was and how authentic I had become, buffeted by people and circumstances.  Today   I know, without a doubt, that I am loved and transformed by the grace of a loving God.  That’s how I can be so positive!

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