How Do You Get Hired These Days?

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To Get Hired, Do Your Homework

A big fear that people face today is wondering if they will get hired after graduation.  For those still in school, it is common knowledge that a college degree adds significantly to lifetime earnings.  Recently, I’ve seen really talented students struggle

Diploma, Internship, Get Hired!

Diploma, Internship, Get Hired!

to master the skills of business networking, interviewing for a job, and doing what it takes to get hired.

In a word, to get hired – no matter what your age, education or experience level –
you must do some homework to be prepared!

To Get Hired, Being Smart Isn’t Enough

Just because Ruta — the student from Lithuania the I mentor at the University of Memphis — is smart, talented, an integrity-based leader, and a team player, it doesn’t mean she felt competent about an upcoming interview for an internship.  After all, she’s not from Memphis and didn’t know if she could compete.  She’s also smart enough to know that her friends are just as anxious to get hired as she is.  They are competitors for internships and jobs, all with the same goal — to get hired!

Who You Know Can Help You Get Hired

Ruta, a music major and accounting minor, is a rare blend of whole brain intellect, with an incredible amount of self-discipline. All I did was introduce her to another mentor in the MILE program at UofM, who agreed to set up an interview with the CFO of his company, who was a MILE mentor two years ago. She knew that these MILE students are the “cream of the crop.”

In the interview, Ruta explained that she wanted an internship to “help me be prepared as a fully contributing employee for your company.”  No coaching from me; she knew how to position value!

What You Know Can Also Help You Get Hired

By leveraging her best research tool, Google, Ruta had done her research on this company.  She was aware of core values they shared, the company’s bouncing back to profit after a staggering 2008, and where they had offices located all over the world.  (Especially interesting, since her home country is Lithuania.)

Ruta was not offered an internship in this first interview.  But the CFO did invite her to a professional meeting in January, where she would personally introduce Ruta to the internship recruiter of the company’s accounting firm, as well as to other women CFOs.  That was a win, in my scorebook.

To Get Hired, Keep Building Relationships

The CFO casually disclosed personal information, career philosophy, and
other thoughtful insights.  It was an easy, authentic give and take.

We all ended the interview knowing one another better, being mutually enriched by each other.

Ruta sent a thank you email that very day, to which the CFO responded immediately.  She also sent a hand-written thank you note to both representatives of the company.

Internship Wanted to Help Ruta Get Hired

Many deserving students are seeking internships for the very reason Ruta is.  I was happy to connect a MILE marketing major to “dream company” that offered her an internship a month ago.

Now, dear reader, if you know someone who is looking for a self-motivated, intelligent, and engaging accounting intern, please let me know so we can help Ruta Vendelskyte on her quest to get hired.

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