I Was So Embarrassed!

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So Embarrassed I Wanted To Cry

So Embarrassed!

Ever Been So Embarrassed?

Have you ever been so embarrassed that you wanted to disappear? Or at least re-wind the moment so that it never happened?

Matter of fact, it happened to me just last night.  I thought I was inviting someone I know well to join my professional network on LinkedIn — only to discover that it went to EVERYONE in my database!

Why So Embarrassed?

Thank goodness the first responder was a great friend who said the link didn’t work, sent to an old address, and would I please send again. My reply:

“It appears that LinkedIn decided to send invites to EVERYONE in my database, not discriminating against old email addresses.
I made a decision to get over being so embarrassed and accept it as a God wink. ;>)

Oh, and an excellent opportunity to chat with those not offended.

‘Till soon, 

After being so embarrassed moments before, choosing this positive attitude was magical.
I could laugh at myself while re-framing this as another “high growth earning opportunity,” not a mistake!!

Here’s a sample of what happened in a few short minutes:
1.    A few friends congratulated me on a lovely article that was in last week’s newspaper.  (Two commented that the photo wasn’t so flattering, but I loved it because it was obvious that I was having FUN, with a great group of business professionals.)
That wasn’t so embarrassing; it was actually fun to relive it.

2.    Some folks were honest enough to say that they are too confused by technology to accept my invitation to LinkedIn, but assured me graciously that they wanted to see me, talk to me.
Made me laugh out loud.  I was seriously over being so embarrassed.

3.    Though not offended, one person asked how we knew one another.  Addicted to telling the truth, I had to admit that I didn’t know.
So I just offered my sincere thanks for her professional response, along with my apology for the intrusion.

Can I Save You From Being So Embarrassed?

Wondering, musing, “Is this LinkedIn’s way of testing my emotional intelligence?”  Perhaps not, but I might as well share what I think happened so at least one dear reader can avoid even a short “so embarrassed” moment.   At least with LinkedIn.

Pay Attention!

If you decide to do this, pay attention.  Obviously I missed something, which resulted in my moments of being so embarrassed.

The screen asked something like, “Do you want to invite friends you know to join your LinkedIn network?”  I un-checked the personal friends, and others already in my LI network. I think I entered INVITE.

Immediately, my inbox was flooded with responses.  Clearly, something happened that I had not intended.  Beyond being so embarrassed, I was mortified.

Get Over Being So Embarrassed

So what.  Did the sky fall in? Was my professional integrity at stake? Was anybody angry?  Actually, it seemed everyone was amused.  A short lull, then another flood of replies.

Thirty-four new connections before I went to bed. And to think I never asked.  I was definitely laughing out loud. Ninety-seven new connections by early this morning.

Having slept well, I’m tickled by the short drama.  After six weeks of no blog posts, I’m grateful that this LinkedIn incident took me from “so embarrassed” to choosing humor and delightful re-connections.  What a nice nudge to get me back on track.  With a topic that is relevant, compelling enough to stay up and write.

Can you remember the last time you had a terrific outcome after being so embarrassed?

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