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How To Start Your Own Blog: Begin With Your Book

How To Start Your Own Blog: Begin With Your Book

Almost every day I’m asked the question, “Where did you learn how to start your own blog?” or “How did you start blogging?”

Here are the first three steps I took.

How To Start Your Own Blog, Step 1

Start Writing.

If you want to keep it simple, here’s how to start your own blog: write about something you know about, care about, and think others care about.

Start writing. Even if you don’t publish at first.  Just write. That’s how to start your own blog.

How To Start Your Own Blog, Step 2

Create a New Habit.

Discipline yourself into the habit of writing regularly, every week. Personally, this was (is) the ongoing challenge for me regarding how to start my own blog.

My core message, and title of my book, is Integrity-Based Communications — and all the ways it can be applied, personally and professionally.   Generally, I start a blog post with a story that illustrates some example of using truth to get what you really want.

My goal is to write something readable and relevant three times per week, between 250-500 words.

How To Start Your Own Blog, Step 3:

Research Who Wants to Know More About What You Know.

Once you start a blog, and discipline yourself to write regularly, find the specific words that match what people are searching for in Google.  For instance, in writing this blog post I tried several keyword phrases to learn how people are searching for information I am writing about and teaching, “How To Start Your Own Blog.”

Google AdWords: Keyword Tool is free.  Just go to http://bit.ly/oaUD7n and follow the prompts with the keyword or keyword phrase you believe people are searching.  You will see how many global searches are being made, and how many local searches are being made, on a monthly basis.  What you learn should shape how you write.

How To Start Your Own Blog: Content And Context Rule!

Write to be readable. Be relevant to your readers. Talk the way they talk.  Give them what they want.  Build a high-trust relationships. Use free tools to find what your readers are looking for, in your area of expertise and interest.

And no matter where you are, whether you’re now looking for “how to start your own blog” or “what will take me to the next level as a blogger?” — keep an open mind and be a coachable, life-long learner!

If you’d like information about an upcoming workshop on blogging basics, we’ll answer all your questions, beginning with additional, relevant content on “How to Start Your Own Blog.”

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