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How to Start Blogging: Answers

Remember that blogging is about having a conversation online, building one relationship at a time, based on authenticity, integrity and service.  People do business with people they know, like and trust.  Give relevant information, with answers that your reader is researching.  Speak their language, use words they use.

Based on the positive response to my last blog post on how to start blogging, here’s more content to consider, including links to audio that you can pause and repeat, if you are an auditory learner.

How To Start Blogging, on BlogTalkRadio

William Bell co-hosts "How to Start Blogging"

William Bell co-hosts "How to Start Blogging"

William Bell and I have co-hosted three BlogTalkRadio shows within the past week, including information on:

•    How to research what people are seeking
•    Using tags, headlines, content key words to increase readership
•    Maximizing effectiveness with the SEO Pressor plug-in
•    Using graphics, video and audio to boost search engine optimization.

Our next BlogTalkRadio show will cover:

•    Promoting your blog
•    Converting more leads to sales
•    Tracking and analyzing your numbers.

Please send us your comments/questions, and we’ll answer them live on our next BlogTalkRadio show.

Live Workshop On How To Start Blogging

If you’re close to the Memphis area, please join us for a hands-on workshop on Saturday, November 12 from 9:00 a.m.-12 noon.  Bring your laptop, your questions, and you’ll leave with even more tangible take-aways on how to start blogging and promoting your expertise with information products.

Resources On Why and How To Start Blogging

Check out these two resources: “10 important reasons you should be blogging”(; great information about producing products for credibility profit (

Coaching to Help You Blog For Profit

You can email to set up an appointment, face-to-face or online.  Every question you have will be answered in a completely customized call. We’ll focus on you, and share our best practices on how to start blogging for profit.

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