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Just read an article (LI & Business) that says, “no one knows everything about social media success, and if they say they do they are lying.”

Not saying I do, and that’s the reason I am a sponge for continuous learning, and sharing what others are teaching.  No matter what I think I know about social media success, my local guru friends Terry Murphy and William Bell know more.

Social media success expert

Terri Murphy, Social Media Success Expert

More Social Media Success Tips

Below are additional social media success tips that Terri shared in her recent “Prosperity Series” presentation, “Start CONNECTING!”

“Expert” And Guru on Social Media Success

Check out www.obvious and learn how to use social media to brand yourself as an expert in 20 minutes a day.  Obviously an expert on social media success, his book, Obvious Expert, is an best seller. His blog alone is worth the visit.

Social Media Success . . . Or Failure?

Worried about what people are saying about you? Or curious what your competition is doing?  Here are three online reputation management tools:

1.  GigaAlerts  (formerly Google alerts) promises to generate leads, monitor competition, and safeguard your reputation. Go to and specify three options for monitoring in your free trial. Or pay for monthly monitoring, depending on your needs.

2.  At you’re promised that “Anytime your business is mentioned, anywhere on the web, you’ll hear about it immediately.”  Step is steep, $199.99 per month.  The price we pay for monitoring social media effectiveness and reputation, n’est-ce pas?

3.  Free monitoring and daily notice at  Simple to sign up, no doubt less than 140 characters.

This is all I’ve had time to do.  With thanks again to Terri Murphy, I’ll share more as I can take action to ensure my own social media success!

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