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The best networking communications are confidently conveyed and integrity-based. After a student protégée attended a recent business social event, we shared observations about habits to break, habits to make in order to make best possible impressions.

Networking Communications And Credibility

Even if the situation seems social, you can be sure that business behavior is expected.  Don’t get too comfortable with casual exchanges, or being tempted to share confidential information. If you don’t want to see it in the newspaper tomorrow, don’t say it!

Behavior Trumps Words In Networking Communications

Your behavior speaks much more loudly that your words.  Networking communications includes attitude, tone of voice, body language — and extends to what you wear. Double-check with those in the know about dress code or make a call to the organizer’s receptionist to inquire about expected attire.
It’s impossible to take back something already expressed, or an inappropriate impression.

Networking Communications And Images On The Internet

Business networking events often include a roving photographer.  You may have made a fabulous impression face to face, but a photo posted to FaceBook lasts a lifetime.  Be careful of how your networking communications are translated. If you eat carefully and drink like a designated driver, any photo taken of you is much more likely to reflect the image of a future partner.

To Be Considered Interesting, Be More Interested In Others

It’s tempting to take the first few moments to talk about yourself. Consider a different course for effective networking communications.

networking communications

Effective Networking Communications

Introduce yourself with a steady gaze and firm handshake, followed by thanks for being invited, gratitude for your host’s time, or thoughtful questions about  their business successes of the year.

You can always learn about the company, your host, and recent publicity by doing a Google search the day of the event. This will allow you to make relevant comments about best practices that deserve recognition.  In return, your host is much more likely to stay engaged when it’s your turn to talk.  Less is more.

As you make your business and social rounds in the coming month, be confident with networking communications skills that put you in your best possible light.

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