School Is Never Out For the Pro!

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Coaching for Improved PerformanceIf you’re on a quest for continuous personal improvement, you know that “School is never out for the Pro!”

Wish you could have been at last week’s Prosperity Series in Memphis, featuring the “brassy Brit” Patricia Fripp.  She shared two hours of “SuperStar Presentations: The Inside Secrets.”  Yours truly was invited onstage for a mini-coaching, and Patricia modified my opening for a speech this Friday at Pacesetters Toastmasters.  Just goes to show (again!) that we all need to be open to coaching for improvement and ever-higher performance.

Another great take-away was Patricia’s memorable line, “Life is a series of sales situations.  The answer is ‘no’ if you don’t ask.”  (Reinforces my Integrity-Based Communications behavior #2, “Ask for what you want.”)

Patricia went on to say, “Every sales conversation or presentation is a missed or captured opportunity.  Which will your next one be?”

Food for thought.  Better yet, action.  Check out for the next opportunity to go back to school in 2011, two hours at a time.

Thank you Don, Terri, Russ and the whole team at U.S. Learning.

Shelley Page Baur, Professional Speaker, Trainer/Coach and                                           Author, Integrity-Based Communications Using truth to get that you really want

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