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How Do You Show Appreciation? Thumbnail

How Do You Show Appreciation?

Posted by Shelley Baur, Author Integrity-Based Communications in Appreciation tagged with , ,

Showing up to show support, publicly praising, writing a personal note are my favorite ways to show appreciation. The best way to show appreciation is to take action, however you can express it best…personally and professionally.

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Terri Murphy On Social Media Success Thumbnail

Terri Murphy On Social Media Success

Posted by Shelley Baur, Author Integrity-Based Communications in social media success tagged with , , , , , ,

Social Media success depends on a commitment to connect, engage, and listen. Communications guru Terri Murphy shared her top tips in "Start Connecting!"

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The Power Of The Subconscious Mind Thumbnail

The Power Of The Subconscious Mind

Posted by Shelley Baur, Author Integrity-Based Communications in Mindset tagged with , , , , , , ,

With about one hundred billion nerve cells, the complexity of the brain is mind-boggling. About 10% of our life activity is attributed to the conscious mind. Ninety percent is attributed to the power of the subconscious, based on past programming stored in the subconscious. If we don’t like the results we are getting, we can re-program.

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Learn How To Start Your Own Blog Thumbnail

Learn How To Start Your Own Blog

Posted by Shelley Baur, Author Integrity-Based Communications in Blogging tagged with , , , , ,

Almost every day I'm asked the question, "Where did you learn how to start your own blog?" or "How did you start blogging?" Here are the first three steps I took. How To Start Your Own Blog, Step 1 Start Writing. If you want to keep it simple, here's how to start your own blog: write about something you know about, care about, and think others care about. Start writing. Even if you

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Life Transitions, Part 2 Thumbnail

Life Transitions, Part 2

Posted by Shelley Baur, Author Integrity-Based Communications in Life Transitions tagged with , , , , ,

Life Transitions Stress Adding to the stress of my mother's health crisis, life transitions, and other issues, she was in the hospital when I had to leave town for an important business presentation. Assured by the doctor that Mom would not be discharged until I returned, I was stunned to receive three phone calls pressuring me to read 52 faxed pages, sign 25 and fax them back.  They were pu

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Brand and Image Excellence Thumbnail

Brand and Image Excellence

Posted by Shelley Baur, Author Integrity-Based Communications in Brand and Image tagged with , , ,

Brand and Image Proving the point that brand and image excellence comprise a timely topic in today's world, two Memphis-based CEO's each gave their spin on the same day, three hours apart. As a New York Times best-selling author, internationally acclaimed speaker, captivating storyteller and friend to many people around the world, Don Huston's name itself evokes a strong brand and image.  H

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Are You Living By Default, or Living on Purpose? Thumbnail

Are You Living By Default, or Living on Purpose?

Posted by Shelley Baur, Author Integrity-Based Communications in Living On Purpose tagged with , , , , , , , ,

Living On Purpose Recently, several people asked when I would offer my "Living on Purpose" seminar again in a live format.  Since it's one of the things I would do even without pay, I seized the opportunity.  You might say that teaching "Living on Purpose" helps me to stay on track, to continue living on purpose myself! Today I say that the "mistakes" in my life were "high-growth learning op

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What’s On Your Gratitude List? Thumbnail

What’s On Your Gratitude List?

Posted by Shelley Baur, Author Integrity-Based Communications in Gratitude tagged with , , , , ,

Mindfully evoking a feeling of gratitude every day, at every possible opportunity, is a rewarding habit. Gratitude releases endorphins, flooding our bodies with a sense of well-being. Think of a time when you were filled with gratitude for the opportunity to: * listen to a friend in need, * make a tangible donation to an inspiring program, or * learn that your encouraging words

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Gift From Gwen Thumbnail

Gift From Gwen

Posted by Shelley Baur, Author Integrity-Based Communications in Relationships tagged with , ,

Yesterday started out fairly typically, but ended with amazing grace, thanks to a gift from Gwen. I arrived first at a charming Midtown restaurant, chose a window table in the sun, and scanned the menu.  It was unlike Gwen to be late, but couldn't resist sending a text "R u on the way?"  After 20 minutes, I ordered and enjoyed lunch immensely, unperturbed.  Choosing to live on purpose. H

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Building Relationships With Integrity Thumbnail

Building Relationships With Integrity

Posted by Shelley Baur, Author Integrity-Based Communications in Relationships tagged with , ,

Building Relationships With Integrity In every area of your life, you have many opportunities for building relationships. If the relationships you have are producing exactly the results you want – be it love, financial reward, respect, and everything else you really want – don’t bother to read any further. On the other hand, if you believe that clarity and better outcomes are both desira

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