Terri Murphy On Social Media Success

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Terri Murphy is an expert on social media success, as she proved yesterday in her presentation “Start Connecting!” Within two hours, my appetite was piqued and satisfied, thanks to US Learning’s “Prosperity Series.”

Terri Murphy - queen of social media success

Terri Murphy, Social Media Success Expert

You Determine Your Social Media Success

Terri’s lively session was packed with ways to connect and convert prospect to profits.  Wherever you assess your social media success to be, this was the place to learn more about communicating through online relationship channels.

Your Next Step In Social Media Success

Maybe there’s a tidbit here that demands action for your social media success, beginning with a blog.

1.  Be a Better Blogger.
If content Is King, context Is Queen. Terri reminded us that core values for Civic, Boomers, Gen X & Y, Millenials are all different.  Talk to your prospects and clients in a way that they know that you are paying attention to them — and what’s important to them!

2. LinkedIn?  Do More.
Take advantage of the exponential opportunities by having a LinkedIn business page on this excellent professional business networking site.  Brand your online presence consistently: the look, the feel, the personality all contribute to social media success.

3. FaceBook?  Fan Page?  There’s More.
Now you need a FaceBook business page, too.  FaceBook is not just a social media trendsetter; it’s a business movement. Without FB, you cannot maximize your social media success.

4. Twitter Has Custom Pages, Too.
Brand consistently, and understand that 140 characters is just “Link Bait” for everything out there.  Use tiny url to shorten your link, leaving more characters for content.

Social Media Success Continues Tomorrow

Wish you had been at Terri’s information-packed presentation yesterday?
I’m not even halfway through the tips and tricks she shared for social media success!

Articles. Strategies. Video.  Relationship management.  Competitive research. Free Tools for you. Social Media icons. Ratings. Getting to page 1 on Google.

Sound ambitious?  In an upcoming post I’ll share more of Terri Murphy’s social media success tips with you.

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