What Is the Meaning of Appreciation?

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Meaning Of Appreciation To You?

To you, what is the meaning of appreciation? How do you feel when you hear appreciation expressed to you?

Meaning of Appreciation, Heart to Heart

Meaning of Appreciation, Heart to Heart

As you read these words, I invite you to think of a time when you were filled with appreciation for the opportunity to “make someone’s day,” whether through a kind word, a tangible donation to a program, or something in between.

Deliberately evoking a feeling of appreciation is worthy work.  Taking the time to express appreciation is even better. Best of all?  Understanding the meaning of appreciation to you, and to the recipient of your appreciation.

The Meaning Of Appreciation To Others

Understanding the meaning of appreciation is the foundation of HeartMath, which is a powerful tool for aligning the heart with the mind (www.hearthmath.com). In 1998, HeartMath Discovery Program co-founders, Doc Childre and Sara Paddison, said,
Put your appreciation into action by taking time to show your
appreciation. Tell one or more people something you appreciate about
them. Remember, what you put out comes back. — (c) 1998 Planetar

Taking time to express your the “why” for appreciating someone helps them to make meaning of appreciation, as seen through your experience.  I also helps deepen relationships, one person to another, heart to heart.

AI’s Meaning Of Appreciation

Understanding the meaning of appreciation is also the foundation of Appreciative Inquiry, an approach to change developed in the 1980’s to bring about transformation that is based on replicating what is being done well and re-creating more of the same to elicit the desired results.  Put simply, by building on “success stories,” the person/organization can intentionally create more of “what’s working” to design an ideal outcome.

Forty people came together to create their picture of Memphis as the “Ideal Learning Community.” Imagine what will happen when a larger vertical cross-section of the community embraces the radical, provocative proposition that propels Memphis to realize its potential! Imagine when we can understand each others’ meaning of appreciation, then honor and respect it as we build a greater Memphis. Stay tuned for an update of “Imagine Memphis,” thanks to the vision and leadership of Mary Jo Greil and Dr. Mark Weiss, who brought the first AI workshop to Memphis.

Originally begun by founders David Cooperrider and Suresh Srivastva, AI’s copyrighted material is posted and made available in the public domain, simply because the writers are coming from abundance and want the material to be used to change the way we operate in the world.   It is continually updated and a rich
resource for beginning and seasoned practitioners alike. They have learned to make meaning of appreciation in a global, holistic sense — for the greater good.

So now that you have food for thought, connecting head to heart, imagine something wonderful is happening today, then express your appreciation in a creative way. And since most of us cannot read minds, make a point to share what the experience and meaning of appreciation is for you.

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