What’s On Your Gratitude List?

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Mindfully evoking a feeling of gratitude every day, at every possible opportunity, is a rewarding habit.

Lauren and Shelley share their gratitude

Lauren and Shelley share a moment of gratitude

Gratitude releases endorphins, flooding our bodies with a sense of well-being.

Think of a time when you were filled with gratitude for the opportunity to:

* listen to a friend in need,

* make a tangible donation to an inspiring program, or

* learn that your encouraging words were the reason a dream came to life.

Triple Portion of Gratitude

Yesterday was filled with a triple portion of gratitude.  I met young Lauren, a 7-year old who is alive today, thanks to the great work at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  Diagnosed with an aggressive neuroblastoma at the tender age of one, Lauren won her courageous battle with cancer.  Her numerous expressions of appreciation are inspiring others in numerous ways, and creating a huge ripple effect of gratitude.

Little Lauren’s simple “thank you” melted my heart.  Just a few of the many hearts she has touched recently include:

* Marva Ballard of MG Ballard Designs has shared Lauren’s story to recruit and energize a team of volunteers, including 10 talented seamstresses, who have responded with open hearts for the opportunity to encourage a young fashionista.

* New to Memphis, Ned Canty seized the opportunity to involve Opera Memphis and its amazing singers in creating something new and extraordinary at Clark Opera Center to support St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

* Katie Smythe, founder of New Ballet Ensemble and School, was captivated by Lauren’s dream.  She is contributing her creative genius, while inspiring young ballerinas to “give back” and help another youngster’s dream come to life.

* Babbie Lovett, iconic maven of fashion and special events, expresses her feelings of joy for being included, saying she is honored to help Lauren’s dream take fanciful flight in this first artistic “Fashionoperallet” production November 17, themed “Sowing Into Dreams.”

Gratitude Is the Heart of “Sowing Into Dreams”

Even before meeting Lauren, I was filled with awe and gratitude for the new St. Jude project she has inspired.  Twenty-four of us gathered to celebrate, offer thanks, and share our gratitude for Lauren.  Helping Lauren achieve her dream, imagining her young fashion designs into reality, has given every single one of us our own personal reflection for gratitude. Seamstresses each chose one of Lauren’s fashions to sew into reality.  Future fashion designers raised their tea cups in a toast to Lauren.  The tears that were shed were tears of joy, and gratitude is clearly at the heart of “Sowing Into Dreams.”

Yesterday was a big day for gratitude for me.  And for all of us who are inspired by the fierce determination of a young lady who beat the odds.  Living her dream life, filled with appreciation from a very young age, Lauren is already inspiring gratitude for so much, from so many us, whose lives she had already touched.

Choose An Attitude Of Gratitude

So, how’s your attitude of gratitude? What’s giving you joy and the opportunity to laugh, cry, and squeal with delight? When you’ve had some time for personal reflection, I’d love to hear your stories of gratitude and appreciation.

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